Mother seeks answers after missing daughter turns up dead

Mother seeks answers after missing daughter turns up dead

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The search ended Friday for a missing North Charleston woman.

The Charleston County Coroner's Office identified Alaafia Singleton, 20, as the person whose body was found in the water near the Northbridge.

Singleton went missing when she left home with her phone still on the table. She told her mother she would be right back.

Singleton's mom wants answers for what happened to her daughter.

"Alaafia was always dancing, smiling. She was my baby. She was my baby. She'll always be my baby," said Singleton's mom, Faith Singleton-Melvin.

Singleton is gone, but her mother says her memory will always be bright.

A box of prayers and the flick of a candle are burning as bright as this mom's faith.

"While I was doing the laundry, I felt a breeze come over me and trees were not moving and I woke up three times this morning and I smelt her in the house, I smelt her. I got kind of happy, I went in her room and she wasn't there. I said a little prayer and tried to go back to sleep," Singleton-Melvin said. "There was a feed about Live 5 at the scene of the Northbridge and I was like, 'Oh my God not again'. They didn't find anyone the last time I said, 'Please Jesus whoever it is, wrap your arms around them and let them know you're in the mist.'"

It's that same thought that carried her through one of the hardest conversations.

"Another police officer came and that's what made me think something's wrong," Singleton-Melvin said.

She says that feeling she felt this is hard to explain, but says she knows where it came from.

"I had a feeling that she was gone... and I can't say it was a good feeling but it was a relief because I knew she was with God. That God had taken her home," Singleton-Melvin said.

As candles glow outside of Singleton's room her family is holding onto that relief but won't find peace until justice is served.

"We want to know what happened. Her memory lives on. I will never forget my child. That's a part of me. I'll never forget her," Singleton-Melvin said.

Making a promise she says won't be broken.

"Promise them there will be answers. Yes, I promise them. If it's the last thing I do," Singleton-Melvin said.

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