IOP steps up efforts to fight coyote problem

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - Isle of Palms animal control doing more to fight the problem of residents seeing more coyotes recently.

The city's Public Safety Commission met Monday afternoon to discuss new efforts to mitigate coyote problems on the island.

"They'll see them on roads, similar to this one right here," member of the Isle of Palms Coyote Control Coalition Bob Miller said. "They'll also see them on golf courses, on golf course paths, and back in the marshes, and also back on the beach, in the dunes."

A spokesperson from the city's animal control department said they plan to use several new traps, which should help reduce coyote sightings. He also said animal control will start using two new surveillance cameras to help track coyotes.

"During mating season, you’re always going to get increased activity when the coyotes are roaming around the island,” Isle of Palms Animal Control Officer Chris Enourato said.

The city's new efforts come after residents have reported a spike in coyote sightings and have expressed fear for their pets' safety.

In December alone, people reported 33 separate coyote sightings, according to reports from the city. Only 24 reports were filed in November, and in October, only 11 coyote sightings were reported.

The city has been working on managing the coyote problem since 2016. According to the city's website, city leaders hired an animal trapper back in 2016 to handle the problem, but only one coyote has been trapped so far.

Isle of Palms mayor Jimmy Carroll said he's hopeful that changes with the city's increased efforts.

"I hope so," Carroll said. "We're doing everything we can."

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