N. Charleston plans to build largest playground designed for kids with disabilities

N. Charleston plans to build largest playground designed for kids with disabilities

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of North Charleston is planning to build the largest playground in the Tri-county area.

The playground isn't like an ordinary one, however, it's designed for every child including ones with disabilities.

"We took a look at our kids with exceptionalities, and our adults in the same way, and realized we needed to improve the quality of recreation that we offer these citizens of ours," said Ed Barfield, director of North Charleston Parks and Recreation Department.

The playground will be inclusive for every child.

"They're able to do the things they want to do with their friends who may or may not have any disabilities," said Kathey Kackley, North Charleston Program director.

The city is partnering with the Miracle League organization to transform one of the baseball fields at Park Circle.

The field will be wheelchair accessible and include rubber material for the flooring.

The inclusive playground will include a zipline, roller slides and spinners among other things.

"There are cozy domes for when the sensory input is too much," Kackley added. "You can crawl in and there are still playthings inside. But it's a little quieter and a place that you can calm down."

The playground will be the largest in the Tri-county area.

Barfield will present the project to the North Charleston City Council on Feb. 15. He will not, however, be asking for money.

Barfield said the presentation is more to make council aware.

He said they are figuring out how much the project is going to cost and will present that number at the meeting with City Council. Barfield said they plan on raising the funds through community contributions, gr ants and corporate donations.

After they start raising the money is when construction will start.

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