7th grader with stage fright gets by with a little help from her friends

Source: Berkeley Co. School District
Source: Berkeley Co. School District

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The music was playing, the crowd was waiting, but Emma Seiders a 7th grader at Berkeley Middle School was frozen with fear as her talent show performance came to an abrupt halt.

"She got up to sing 'One Call Away' and started off great and then I think the moment just got to her and froze," said Assistant Principal Rachel Spitulski.

Emma says something happened when the audience started clapping along to the rhythm.

"I couldn't hear the music or the beat that I was supposed to hear for the song," she said."And I didn't know what happened…I just lost it."

Embarrassed, Emma stood there on stage, her face buried in her hands.

But not for long.

Her assistant principal recalls, what happened next.

"All of a sudden all the girls that were involved in the talent show are up on stage with her," she said. "Nobody prompted them. No one said, 'Go help her out.'"

Together Emma and her backup singers finished the song with shouts of encouragement and support from the audience.

When the performance was over, Emma says she felt great.

"It made me want to sing more," she said. "Everybody told me that you were amazing up on that stage. Just a really good thing to happen to me on that night."

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