OSHA investigating Lincolnville fire department for alleged health, safety violations

LINCOLNVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The Lincolnville fire department is under investigation for alleged health and safety violations.

A complaint was filed last month with the South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

An OSHA spokeswoman says the investigation was opened on January 18.

Spokeswoman Lesia Kudelka said she was not allowed to discuss the exact focus of the investigation.

"I was shocked that somebody had called and said we had a lot of violations in the fire department," Lincolnville Mayor Charles Duberry said Wednesday. "As far as myself, health and safety violations I don't think we have any."

Lincolnville Fire Chief Steven Roberts says so far the OSHA investigators have interviewed three firefighters and will return to interview the rest of them. He also says OSHA inspected equipment and gear.

The mayor says he has no idea what the investigators were specifically looking for.

"Well it's hard to tell you what they're looking for but I can tell you when they left they were very satisfied," Duberry said.

The mayor says the complaint to OSHA may have been made by a disgruntled firefighter.

"People don't like what's going on, so they don't like what's going on they can find another job. That's all I got to say," Duberry said.

Some folks who live in Lincolnville say the fire department needs new gear and equipment.

"I think they should have the equipment up to date and everything. You don't know when a fire's gonna come. So I think they do the best they can," Virginia Grant said.

We wanted to find out if there are any specific problems with the department's fire trucks and gear.

So we delivered a Freedom of Information Act request to Lincolnville town hall to get that information.

For now, the OSHA investigation is still open.

OSHA has no timetable on when their investigation will be finished.

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