Sick school bus drivers could impact bus routes

Sick school bus drivers could impact bus routes

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The flu has no boundaries, and some Lowcountry school bus routes have been impacted as a result of drivers being out sick.

In cases like this some bus officials for school districts say they bring in substitute drivers or have their drivers double up on routes which can cause delays.

The number of absent bus drivers vary from district to district.

Dorchester District 2 officials say one day this week they had up to 18 drivers out sick. If parents are seeing delays in their children's route this could be why.

When a bus driver is out sick the substitute drivers may not be as familiar with routes so they can run behind schedule.

That was the case for at least one substitute driver in Dorchester District 2.

A parent in the district says the bus was late d ropping off her child multiple times last week. The student says the bus driver was out sick that week but has since returned.

During the course of the bus driver's absence the student says there were multiple substitute bus drivers.

Berkeley County school bus officials and Durham School Services which run Charleston County buses say they aren't seeing a peak in sick drivers, but more were absent earlier this year.

Buses in all the counties are cleaned daily according to the bus officials.

The flu is also impacting the attendance of teachers, school staff and students.

"At least four people have been getting the flu in my class," said Jordyn Whaley, a second grade student. "The thing that I have for people out there is wash your hands with hot water and soap, like lots of soap."

Dorchester District 2 officials say if you are having any issues with the bus schedule, notify your child's school.

They will look to resolve any problem.

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