TAKE A STAND: Stock Market

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - When it comes to the stock market, we may want to fasten our seatbelts.

Some analysts predict the recent losses may continue. After a Friday loss of more than 600 points, the Dow fell more than ­1,100 points Monday.

Market volatility indicates the drop may continue. But is it a crash?  Most experts say no, calling it more a market correction.

The U.S. economy has been hot and some say the drop may simply be concern among investors the global economy is doing too well.

But here's the bottom line: While many are nervously watching their stock prices and 401K values, about half of all Americans don't have money invested in stocks and are unaffected.

And for those who do, financial experts say, "Take the long view."  There will be ups and downs, but history tells us the market grows over the long run.  If we're invested and need our money soon, we probably shouldn't be in the market to begin with.

If our goal is to invest for our future, history shows it's money well spent.

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