SC senate panel takes step toward uniform state flag design

SC senate panel takes step toward uniform state flag design

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - All South Carolina state flags have the signature palmetto tree and crescent, but many adaptations have appeared over the years with different leaf designs or larger crescents.

A Senate subcommittee decided Wednesday that a standard design might be beneficial for everyone.

Members voted to report Senate bill 559 favorable and added an amendment which would create a South Carolina state flag study committee according to South Carolina Senate director of research Kevin Ryan. The bill now goes to the full general committee for consideration.

The study committee would be tasked with proposing an official design for the state flag based on historically accurate details. It would have to propose a design to the general assembly before the end of the year or else it dissolves, Ryan said.

Members of the study committee would include the Department of Archives and History director, the director of the Department of Administration, a member appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, a member appointed by the speaker of the South Carolina house of representatives and a member appointed by the governor according to Ryan.

If the study committee is approved and proposes a design, it would still have to pass out of general committee, through the full Senate as well as the house.

The current version of the flag was adopted in January 1861 according to the South Carolina statehouse website. It originated out of the Moultrie Flag that was flown during the Revolutionary War. The flag initially just included a crescent before a palmetto tree was added by Colonel William Moultrie in 1775. It symbolized his defense of a palmetto log fort on Sullivan's Island against a British attack. The fort later became known as Fort Moultrie.

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