Winter Olympics brings inspiration to Lowcountry classroom

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Some Lowcountry students at Nexton Elementary are receiving plenty of inspiration from the winter Olympics.  They're learning about winter sports that could later help them achieve their dreams.

"The Olympics is every four years and a lot of these kids don't know what's going on with the Olympics so we try to bring the Olympics into the classroom," Nexton Elementary PE Teacher Brian McSparron said.

He is integrating the Olympics and teaching kids about winter sports they may not be familiar with.

"Especially being down in the south, some of the kids don't get to appreciate some of the winter stuff," he said. "We don't get a whole lot of snow, we don't have the mountains to go skiing, so most of them know snowboarding, bobsledding is totally new."

McSparron is working to do more than just teach them about the sports, but also the motivational aspect that comes along with the Olympics.

"The big thing we try to talk about with the Olympics is following your dreams," he said. "That's what the Olympics is all about is following your dreams. If you dream is to become an Olympic athlete, some students can make that achievable."

Some students are already thinking about the possibility of pursuing the sports they see on TV and now practice in the gym.

"I think that me I'm really good at the ski jumping, I have long legs so I can just really far," Fourth-grader LaChar Lawrence said.

"It'd be amazing if they could turn around and say later down the line, how'd you get involved in this sport, and say I started way back in elementary school, my PE Teacher did an Olympics theme and it just kind of clicked in with them," McSparron said.

The students will continue to learn about the Olympics while the winter games are going on. Next week McSparron said they will learn about the different countries and the pride it brings to represent their country.

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