TAKE A STAND: Former SC Lawmaker Sentenced

TAKE A STAND: Former SC Lawmaker Sentenced

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Former South Carolina state Rep. Rick Quinn has been sentenced. The former Lexington lawmaker was indicted for his part in a statehouse corruption probe.

Prosecutors say Quinn directed state business to groups associated with his father's political consulting company to the tune of more than $270,000.

There was no trial.

Quinn pleaded guilty, although after the hearing in the Beaufort County courtroom, he was bitter about the case. Quinn said he wanted to fight for his name and insists he never used his office for personal gain.

So why did he plead guilty?

Quinn says for the sake of his family. But maybe, also for the sake of himself.

The charges could have meant prison time. Instead, the former lawmaker got two years of probation, a thousand-dollar fine and 500 hours of community service.

Not the strongest sentence in a case about ethics, corruption and misuse of taxpayer dollars.

No one has gone to jail. Quinn is the third former lawmaker in this case whose prosecution has ended in probation.

Three more are awaiting trial.

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