911 call: Woman discovered 3-year-old in road after fatal Dorchester Co. hit-and-run

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The 911 call in a hit-and-run which killed a 3-year-old boy in Dorchester County earlier in February has been released.

A woman's voice can be heard on the tape after she comes across the child in the road. Her voice shows concern as she tries to describe where she is on Highway 78.

Woman: "There is a child dead in the middle of the road,"

Dispatcher: "How old does the child appear to be?"

Woman: "Like, 2, 3...yeah I don't know if it got hit by a car"

The dispatcher then asks if she feels comfortable walking up to it and she eventually says no.

She goes on to tell the dispatcher that it looks like the child was wearing a diaper and ends when she sees police arriving on scene.

Jayden Thiel was struck while he was in the roadway on U.S. Highway 78 in the area of Reevesville near St. George at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 12, Dorchester County Coroner Paul Brouthers said. The child was pronounced dead at the scene, he said.

South Carolina Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. David Jones said an unknown vehicle was traveling on Highway 78 near Meadows Run when it struck the child.

The boy was alone at the time of the crash, Sgt. Bob Beres said.

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