Fellow suspect testifies against teen charged in 2015 Mother's Day murder

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Prosecutors expect to wrap up their case Wednesday against an 18-year-old who faces a murder charge.

Kenneth Robinson faces charges in the shooting death of Kedena Brown on Mother's Day in May of 2015.

Brown was the mother of three.

One of the people who testified Tuesday afternoon was Kelly Green, who was also charged in connection to this case a little more than a week ago. Green also faces four attempted murder charges but testified that he entered a proffer agreement with the solicitor's office to provide details about this case in hopes of getting a better chance with his charges.

Green says he was involved in the high-speed chase of a Chrysler 300 in the Dorchester Waylyn neighborhood of North Charleston.

While he is testifying against a former friend, he says, in the long run, it will help him.

"The main reason I came up here and not plead the fifth is because this is the only opportunity I have to leave my old lifestyle behind," Green said. "I come up here and I testify, then I'm a snitch. I can't go back to my lifestyle. So this is going to make me do better."

According to prosecutors, this is Green's second proffer agreement with the Solicitor's Office.

Green said between the first and the second agreement someone tried to shoot him, which he believes is because he talked about this case.

The defense is expected to take over the case either late Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday.

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