Police investigating after 10-year-old shot at Pepperhill Park

Police investigating after 10-year-old shot at Pepperhill Park

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston Police Department is investigating an incident where a child was shot in his right hip at Pepperhill Park.

Police say the shooting happened around 3:45 p.m. on Monday. A family member says the child is 10 years old and is no longer in the hospital.

Now the family is searching for answers about how it happened.

Pearle Allen, the child's great grandmother, and Celisa Gibbs, his grandmother, gathered in the park on Wednesday along with the child's father.

"I was devastated I didn't know what to think," Allen said. "We don't know who the suspect, we don't know who did it, we don't know how it was done, we don't know nothing, this is the father and he don't know nothing."

The victim's mother allowed her son and his two 10-year-old step brothers to play at Pepperhill Park on Monday, according to an incident report.

The report says she received a phone call from her stepson who said her other son fell and could not get back on his feet.

Authorities say when the mother arrived she saw a wound on her son's right hip and his forearm. She believed that he had been struck with a BB gun so she took her child to Summerville Medical Center for treatment, the report states.

Police say when she arrived, the staff advised her that her son had been struck by a bullet and he was then transported to MUSC.

"That's why they have to do something with these gun laws and gun control," Gibbs said. "No 10-year-old should be out here laying on the ground and afraid if he going to live."

Gibbs says the mother told her she took the child to hospital because EMS didn't arrive as quick as she would have liked.

A police officer met them at the MUSC Children's Emergency Room to file an incident report.

"Somebody gotta know something," Gibbs said.

That's why they say they're not giving up on this case until they find out more.

The family says the bullet went through the child's hip and came out from behind.

The child is home recovering, but they say he's now afraid to come out to play.

"This breaks my heart this is my great grandchild, he could have been dead, his life could have been gone," Allen said.

The family is asking if anyone knows something about this case to come forward. Police say they are looking for anyone who may have seen or heard something.

A police officer also spoke with the victim in a separate interview. According to the incident report, he says they went to Pepperhill Elementary school to play basketball, but they couldn't find a basketball so they went to the park to play.

The victim told police he heard a loud 'pop' and fell and couldn't get back up.

Police asked him if he or his step brothers found a firearm and it accidentally went off. He replied "No! We were told not to touch guns."

The medical staff advised that the gunshot wound to his hip went clean through and that it was not consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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