New timeshare complex proposed for downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On the corner of East Bay and Calhoun streets, architects are proposing to change it from a strip of businesses to a timeshare complex.

“We’re taking a surface parking lot on a major corner, dated buildings that aren’t architecturally appealing, and we’re making a more modern things that suit the future of the city instead of the past,” Historic Charleston Foundation manager Chris Cody said.

The new complex would be called Liberty by Hilton Club.

Some Charleston residents, however, want the area to stay the way that it is.

“We don’t need even more people visiting here. It’s busy enough as it is,” Charleston resident David Keahey said.
“I think it wouldn’t be a great idea for this area. There’s already a lot of traffic congestion and bigger apartment buildings. It’s a nice, open space,” Charleston resident Allison Hansen said.
The new construction would be about 100 timeshares in a 5-story complex.
It has been approved by City of Charleston staff to demolish 475 East Bay Street, along with the buildings behind it.
“This site is already zoned for this use and it has been in place for a long time, long before we were worried about hotels and the word moratorium was even in our lexicon,” Cody said. “None of the buildings are historic. We have gone through them and agree with city staff recommendation to allow for their demolition.”
The new development also includes a ground-level parking plan.
"I don’t think it will do anything to alleviate traffic. It will give people more places to park but they have to get here to park so it will cause traffic anyways,” Keahey said.
The Board of Architectural Review-Large members voted to defer the plans, again.
The board voted to defer the measure two weeks ago, as well. 
Liberty will remain persistent.
“They’re diligent in taking these comments and improving the design every time we see it. It just has further to go,” Cody said.

For more information about the proposed complex, visit this site.

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