Lowcountry school districts reviewing safety plans following Florida school shooting

Lowcountry school districts reviewing safety plans following Florida school shooting

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - School districts across the Lowcountry are taking a closer look at its security measures.

The Charleston County School District let parents know Wednesday that it will do a review of its own emergency plan, just one week after seventeen students were killed inside of a school in Florida.

The district said its going to look at what happened in Florida and see how the protocols currently in place would hold up in that type of situation.

"After any school type tragedy occurs we always take a look at what our plans are," CCSD Director of Security and Emergency Management Michael Reidenbach said. "We test the plans against the facts that come out of those particular situations. We want to assure parents we are taking those steps now."

"As a parent, you worry all the time about everything, and when you see something like that on the national news it always makes you worry," CCSD parent Susan Gallo said.

"I feel very secure about where my kids go to school, and the safety measures that they have there," said Gallo. "So, while I was glad they're looking at it, I already had a sense of comfort."

Gallo said she had a sense of comfort, but not all parents feel that secure when it comes to the safety of their child.

"I mean I'm glad they're trying to do something about it because I fear for my children life when they go to school every day," CCSD parent Jerica said.

"We want them to rest assured we are taking the safety of their children extremely serious. It's our number one priority, above education," said Reidenbach.

Reidenbach said the district will do a thorough review of its emergency plan. The last major district wide assessment came after the Sandy Hook shooting.

Reidenbach said that review resulted in fences going up on campuses and better securing entrances.

What changes, if any, the district will see in the future will be decided in this district-wide review.

"We know we're going to start the assessments immediately," said Reidenbach. "It's going to be some time to get through our 86 schools and compile those lists, prioritize the needs, and present the package to district leadership and the board and say these are our recommendations for changes. We know that time is of the essence."

CCSD isn't the only district taking a closer look at safety procedures.

DD2 officials said they are also reviewing safety procedures.

Statewide, State Superintendent Molly Spearman says there also be a review into policy and procedures.

"We will begin a comprehensive review of all student and school safety policies and procedures to identify any areas we may need to change, or areas we might be able to enhance in order to keep our most precious resource, our children, even safer," said Spearman.

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