Old Garco Mill in N. Charleston to see new life

. - The old Garco Mill is getting new life in North Charleston with a development moving in that's expected to bring a boost to the local economy.

Local businesses will set up shop and rent out work space in what used to be a rubber company.

"Mixture of mainly restaurants, food and beverage," said William Cogswell with Wecco Development said. "We're also looking to potentially having some small grocery component to it because I know there's a lot of food desert concerns up in North Charleston."

The food aspect of the mill will be made of 16 stalls on the first floor as well as co-working office space for small businesses.

This project, Cogswell said, has been five years in the making, and is geared towards locals.

"We really want to focus on the local population," said Cogswell. "I think tourists will probably come up here because we are such a food destination but on the flip side I think Charleston really needs something that focuses on local."

Cogswell said this will be comparable to Workshop, but on a larger scale. Similar to Krog Street Market in Atlanta who they are working with to create the same concept here.

"We partnered with some guys who had done it before and done it very successfully in Atlanta, the Krog Street Market," said Cogswell. They also have one opening in Charlotte."

Cogswell said they've already seen interest in a wide variety of restaurants and vendors.

The future of the mill won't just be a place to eat and drink, it will also bring a boost to the local economy.

"We have a second phase that will be developed in the next twelve months that we're talking to some of the region's largest employers that will want to have their headquarters here," said Cogswell.

"We are looking to see even more commercial restaurants, different types of things that will open up in that area and we still have room for growth in there," said North Charleston Mayor Summey.

Summey said this could further extend Montague and entice more people to come to the area.

"You'd be bringing new jobs into the area and hopefully out of that we'll have more people wanting to move into the area as well," said Summey.

Cogswell said we can expect the Garco Mill to be up and running by St. Patrick's Day 2019.

In addition to the mill, there will also be a green space that will serve as a park for events and vendors.

The property was purchased nearly three years ago, Cogswell said

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