Confused roommates trying to reunite owners with stolen potted plants

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Rachel Canada and her roommate Ellison Jusino have a front yard littered with potted plants that don't belong to them.

Canada said her roommate, Karona Nia, started bringing dozens of potted plants to their downtown Charleston home over the weekend.

"She had just said, 'Hey, I just got all these plants. I've been to Walmart and Hyams,'" Canada said.

But Bill Mote, who lives just a few blocks away, caught a woman stealing one of his potted plants right off of his front porch on Saturday night.

Police have identified that woman as Karona Nia.

"Never," Mote said. "Never expected that at all."

"I went to my boss first and I said, 'You are never going to believe this,'" Canada said.

Mote's security camera placed at the front of his home shows Nia walk up to his house three times within about two hours.

On her third visit, the footage shows Mote confronting Nia and calling the police.

Mote posted the video on Facebook, where hundreds of people commented.

The incident report from the Charleston Police Department says Nia told police that her friend asked her to find pots to take to him.

"I'm just thinking, if you're going to steal all of these plants, why would you put them in our front yard?" Canada said.

Charleston County jail records show that Nia was released from jail on Sunday at 2:13 p.m.

She was charged with petty larceny and bonded out at $2,125.

Since then, Canada and her other roommate, Jusino, have been trying to return the potted plants to their rightful owners.

Canada says there were over two dozen pots in her yard on Saturday.

On Monday afternoon that number dropped to about a dozen.

Canada says she still hasn't seen Nia since her arrest.

Canada also apologized to everyone who had their pots stolen, but she said this has been a great way to meet more of their neighbors.

Mote said he just hopes this story has a bigger impact on his community.

"I just hope that people stop stealing," Mote said.

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