North Charleston kicks off 8th Annual Citizen's Public Safety Academy

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - People are getting a behind the scenes look into the roles of public safety professionals through the North Charleston Citizen's Public Safety Academy.

Training Sergeant with the North Charleston Police Department Micheal Cardaronella oversees the class.

It's the 8th year for the academy and she's been there since the beginning.

"It is an overview of how the government works so we bring in code enforcement, building department, fire department, police department," Cardaronella said."So all the participants get a few weeks of each to see what we do and how we run a city government."

The participants will receive 10 weeks of hands on classes as well as a tour of the dispatch center.

"Some other things that people have been interested to ask is,'Why when I call 911 does the dispatcher asks me 20,000 questions and it feels like it takes forever for the police officer to get there,'" Sgt. Cardaronella said. "What they learn is that after the first two questions they're asked, the police or fire or EMS are already on their way. The dispatcher is trying to get more information."

People who go through the academy can share what they learn with others they know.

"They're not only ambassadors for the city government, but the police department as well," Cardaronella said.

Course Curriculum includes the following: 

Police (Emergency Response, Laws, Arrests, Search & Seizure and Use of Force)

Fire (Emergency Response, Fire Fighting and Inspections)

Code Enforcement (Health and Sanitation)

Building Department (Building Inspections, Permits and Property Maintenance)

To register or for more information contact PFC Micheal Cardaronella at (843) 740-2878 or

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