Homeless to Hope hosting concert in Charleston

Homeless to Hope hosting concert in Charleston
A new center will help the homeless in downtown Charleston. (Source: Live 5)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - For years, Glen Carriage spent his days and nights on the streets homeless living under a bridge in what was called tent city.

For the past two years, he has had a roof over his head and food to eat thanks to the non-profit Palmetto project and the Homeless to Hope fund.

It was the fund they did it and the people," says Glen Carrigg.

The fund was started by the non-profit Palmetto Project in 2016 with the encouragement of Charleston Mayor  John Tecklenburg.

Today the fund is supported by area mayors through the Mayors Commission on Homelessness and Affordable Housing.

"You can be the richest person in the world then one day boom something traumatic happens and they are in homeless," City of Charleston Homeless Coordinator Tyrele Bailey said.

Bailey says the numbers of homeless in the Tri-county area has gone down from 470 last year to 425.

The hope is if a person does fall into being homeless is to surround them with a network of at least 200 providers.

The fund helps get them back on track and in a home within 30 days at what the city calls functional zero.

" So that means the same providers can give direct services and wrap services around them sometimes with support as well," Bailey said.

Bailey said when a person contributes money to the fund that money provides things like housing, rental assistance, and other necessities including intervention.

Help reaches people city of Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Summerville.

For Glen resources like 180 place which provide services like shelter, housing, and training to get people back on their feet and into a job.

Charleston pro-bono which gives free legal services and Orgin SC Rapid Rehousing Services.

"This would not have happened without them because they had the resources," Carrigg said. "If it's within my power I'm not going back on the street I got comfortable in what I know AC, heat,a refrigerator, stove living in a tent ain't going to happen," 

It's that hope and optimism just like Glens that keeps the efforts and purpose for the homeless to hope fund alive.

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