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Person pretending to be CEO steals info from Charleston Co. Aviation Authority


A person pretending to be a chief executive officer stole information from the Charleston County Aviation Authority. 

Officials say they discovered on Monday that they were the victim of an "email spoofing attack" by an individual pretending to be the CCAA chief executive officer. 

A report states a request was made from what appeared to be a legitimate Charleston County Aviation Authority email address for 2017 IRS Form W2 information. 

According to officials, an employee provided the W2 information before recognizing the fraudulent nature of the request.

"While we are currently unaware of attempted or actual misuse of this information, since discovering this event, we contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the South Carolina Department of Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and state tax authorities," CCAA officials said. 

Officials say they have notified affected individuals of the incident, with "complimentary credit monitoring and identity restoration services" being offered as a result of this incident.

"Charleston County Aviation Authority is also reviewing its policies and procedures to reduce the risk of an event like this from happening again," officials said. 

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