Farmers working to protect crops as freeze warning issued for the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A freeze warning for the Lowcountry has farmers working to mark sure the temperatures doesn't devastate all that they've worked for.

A foreman for Boone Hall Farms said they have been working for days to keep strawberries covered, but Thursday night is what they're worried about.

"Because of that warm weather, that's why we have so many blooms and strawberries," said Erik Hernandez. "It was good when we had that warm weather, but now that we're getting that cold snap, now we're in trouble."

The warm weather has already produced strawberries that are off to be sold.

Those will be covered by a thin sheet like material that keeps the warmth in, and frost and cold out.

"I think they're going to be okay," Hernandez said."Before we go home today we're going to come and make sure they're covered and I'll probably drive over here tonight and make sure they're all right."

Hernandez said the crops he's worried about are the ones that can't be protected, the peaches and blueberries which are already in full bloom.

"We are depending on the lord to protect our peaches. Tonight, we're going to go home and pray they're going to be all right," said Hernandez.

He said if a hard freeze hits the crops, it could be detrimental.

"If it freezes really bad we can lose our whole crop again like we did last year," said Hernandez.

He said what happened last year is similar to what we have seen this year with the seasonably warm weather.

"It was warm for a few days and some of our peaches started blooming, and we had a cold snap and we couldn't protect them," said Hernandez. "We could get some peaches but not the amount we wish we could have had."

The foreman said that's why a frost could really take a toll if it happens a second year in a row.

"It can be devastating if it gets really cold tonight," Hernandez said.

Strawberries from Boone Hall Farms are already being sold across the area, and Hernandez said if everything goes well in the cold snap they will be too.

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