South Carolina community leaders discuss ways to improve school safety

CHARLESTON, SC - South Carolina community leaders held a meeting to discuss school safety Friday.

The meeting and press conference both raised awareness of House Bill 4810.

The bill, if passed, would put metal detectors in schools across South Carolina.

In the last academic year, 132 weapon incidents were reported in the Charleston County School District. Of those reported incidents, six were firearms.

Statewide, 363 of the 4131 weapon offenses were firearms, equating to 8.7 percent.

Gary West, founder of the group Protect Our School Children and grandfather of a third grader, was at the Friday meeting.

"I walked into her school two weeks ago. I signed my name, they put a sticker on me, two minutes later I'm with hundreds of children," West said. "If I was an evil person, I could wreak havoc. So many of our schools are soft targets and we cannot let that happen."

Advocates for increased school security will host a rally in April where they will walk across the Ravenel Bridge together.

A date for the rally has not been set.

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