Cadet to make history as Citadel's first woman regimental commander

Cadet to make history as Citadel's first woman regimental commander
Sara J. Zorn (Source: The Citadel)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A cadet is set to make history as The Citadel's first woman regimental commander.

Officials with the military college say Sarah J. Zorn will be the first woman to lead the South Carolina Corps of Cadets as regimental commander in the history of the 175-year-old military college.

The regimental commander is the highest-ranking cadet officer in command of the entire 2,350 student Corps.

"My attention will be fully committed to leading the South Carolina Corps of Cadets according to our core values of honor, duty, and respect," Zorn said. "It is my goal to empower our officers to become the best servant-leaders they can be."

According to The Citadel, Zorn is a junior from Warrenville, SC, majoring in Business Administration and attending the college on an Army scholarship.

"Cadet Zorn has fully embraced the cadet experience, excelling in academics, character, military and fitness," said Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, the 19th president of The Citadel. "The regimental commander and the cadet leadership team set the tone for the South Carolina Corps of Cadets, and Cadet Zorn has shown she's the perfect choice for this leadership opportunity. All the cadets who have been selected for leadership opportunities within the Corps have impressive records of achievement, and I congratulate and thank them for what they've done."

A press release states Zorn is currently a member of the regimental staff, serving as regimental sergeant major.

She was notified of her selection by the current regimental commander Dillon Graham.

"Sarah Zorn has earned the respect of the Corps with her outstanding performance as a cadet," said George "Dillon" Graham, regimental commander, Class of 2018. "Her loyalty to The Citadel and her dedication to serving others and the nation is commendable and will continue to make her an example to follow in the position of regimental commander."

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