Police: No charges filed after gun found in car on school campus

Police say no charges were filed after a gun was found in a student's car at the School of the Arts.

North Charleston Police responded Monday afternoon to a report that a 17-year-old student had a gun in her vehicle on campus grounds, an incident report states.

The student who drove the car on campus told police it was her mother's vehicle and that her mother left the gun in the car by mistake.

Police say they found a Smith and Wesson handgun in the center console of the car. The gun was loaded and one extra magazine was in the center console with the gun, the report states.

The student's father was able to describe the gun to police and verify it was left there by mistake.

No charges were filed after police determined there was no intent to commit a crime, the report states. Police say they turned over the gun to the student's father.

Charleston County School District spokesperson Andy Pruitt said the student may face a mandatory expulsion of no less than 365 days according to federal law even though she wasn't charged with a crime. Pruitt said that decision will likely be left to the North Charleston Constituent Board.

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