Sergeant Jasper building demolition underway in Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The demolition of the 17-story Sergeant Jasper building is visible from every angle on the Charleston peninsula.

Ron Ron Cheng, who lives about a block away from the building, has been watching the final stages of demolition.

"It doesn't bother us too much," he says. Cheng says it may be unsightly, but he's happy it doesn't affect him directly.

"In the process, it's an eyesore but I'm interested to see what goes up there," Cheng says.

The Beach Company, the owner of the property, chose to take down the current structure with people instead of dynamite.

"We had initially thought they would implode this building with explosives but they opted to take it down piece by piece in a way that's much safer," Cit of Charleston Planning Director Jacob Lindsey says. "It's not something that will be a loud event and cause dust or toxic materials to go in the air."

"Dust hasn't been that bad," Cheng says. "With all the pollen, it's hard to notice extra dust."

Lindsey says the city is happy the nearly five-year controversial battle is over and that both entities are moving forward.

"It's something that we spent a lot of time and effort to come to a resolution on," he says. "We're looking forward to the next phases."

The Beach Company was approved for big plans in that next phase.

"The new project will have residences, offices, commercial spaces on the ground level," Lindsey says.

"I think it'd be nice for the neighborhood," Cheng says. "It gives people more options."

The Beach Company says the taking down of the current structure will be completed soon. Construction on the new building will start this summer.

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