Mother upset daughter can't take boyfriend to prom because of Goose Creek HS rules

Pryor's daughter and her boyfriend (Source: Live 5)
Pryor's daughter and her boyfriend (Source: Live 5)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - As prom season quickly approaches there are some rules regarding prom that has parents talking.

"My daughter's high school came up with a new rule saying that they couldn't bring a date if they had already graduated from high school," said Michelle Pryor.

Pryor said her daughter is a junior at Goose Creek High School and has been dating her boyfriend for a year.

This year her daughter can't take her boyfriend to her prom because he graduated last year.

"I feel like if the parents are comfortable with allowing their child to go with somebody that's less than a year older than their child I think they should leave it into the parent's hands to make that decision," said Pryor.

Goose Creek High School and Timberland High School don't allow guests who aren't enrolled in school to attend; other schools in the district require guests to be under the age of 21.

Officials with the Berkeley County School District said the limitations on outside prom dates is directly tied to safety and security, and there have been negative experiences when trying to manage the behavior of guests who aren't enrolled in school or over 21.

For many schools not only in the Berkeley County School District, but Charleston County and Dorchester District 2, prom guests must be under 21.

Officials with DD2 said prom guests must be under 21 and have a driver's license, as well as a parent's signature.

Some schools only allow guests that are current students, and other schools set an age limit most of which are set at 21 years old.

All school districts said guests must fill out forms to attend.

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