Clemson fans flock to Omaha, prepare for Friday's game

OMAHA, Nebraska (WCSC) - The streets of Omaha, Nebraska started to fill with fans on Thursday as the Tigers inched closer to playing the Kansas Jayhawks on Friday in the NCAA Tournament.

"Just here to support the team," said visiting Clemson fan Ben Milstead. "I can't believe they're in the Sweet 16. I'm really excited to be here and hope this is not the end of it."

Some fans traveled a long way to get to the game.

Kyle Walter graduated from Clemson in 2001 and came to Omaha to cheer his team on.

"Left yesterday at 5:00 p.m., and seventeen-hour drive," he said."I'm glad to be here and take down the Jayhawks."

And he's all excited for tomorrow's big game.

They say it could be a close one.

"Our guard play versus their guard play should be a really fun matchup," Walter said."Both teams can score, both teams have a really dominant big man."

The fans aren't the only Tigers in Omaha right now.

"Me and Jack here are Clemson cheerleaders, so we'll be on the court tomorrow, lead some cheers, and hopefully get the crowd pumped for the game," said Aaron McGuire, a cheerleader for Clemson.

This is their first time in Omaha, and couldn't be more excited that the team has made it this far.

"We're having the best of both worlds coming off of football season and now basketball. And then the baseball team is doing pretty well, too," said Grayson Charpia, a cheerleader for the Tigers.

Regardless of how Friday plays out, a lot of fans say they're proud of the team for just making it here.

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