No charges filed after woman hit child with her car Saturday

No charges filed after woman hit child with her car Saturday
A former Kiawah Island official has pleaded guilty to conspiracy. (Source: AP)

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - No charges will be coming toward the woman who police say hit a child in North Charleston over the weekend.

The incident happened on Attaway Street near Remount Road on Saturday afternoon.

The woman who was driving, Baptista Conyers, explained she was driving down Attaway when she saw three kids crossing the street, according to a police report.

Conyers said she stopped her vehicle while the kids kept walking. After she started moving again, Conyers said another kid came from behind her vehicle and ran across the road in front of her. Conyers explained she slammed on her brakes but the kid was hit on his leg.

Neighbors claimed they saw something different.

Anne Bacon saw the accident happen.

"The kids were going across the street and the little boy he looked before he crossed the street," Bacon said. "The van was coming from by the corner store and he went to run across the street but she was driving too fast and she hit him."

EMS took the child to the hospital for treatment. The child's mother said he has two broken bones and a fractured ankle. There was is not a crosswalk where the child was hit. Police said there are no charges related to the accident.

In the police report, Conyers explained the mother of the child approached her and pushed her in the chest using both hands and then punched her on the left side of the face.

Police said the incident is closed.

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