SCDOT denies man's claim after car damaged by pothole

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Months after the snow has come and gone, one driver is still dealing with the after effects of it.

Charles Glover said his car was damaged when he hit a pothole on a state road, and now the Department of Transportation said it won't pay it.

In a letter responding to Glover, it read that they were unable to establish liability.

Glover said the damage to his car happened just after the snow melted and roads were drivable.

"Michaux Parkway is always one of the bypasses that a lot of drivers use to go to the airport and Tanger Outlets," said Glover.

Glover said he was driving for Uber when he hit the pothole, damaging his car.

Glover said he passed on the expenses and a claim form to SCDOT.

"I sent them a copy of the bill for replacing the tire, rim, front alignment and front fog light that's broken on the right side of the car," said Glover. "I recently sent a statement, because they requested a statement, and I told them what happened."

Glover said he wasn't expecting the claim to be denied.

"What's the purpose of submitting a claim if they're not going to honor it," said Glover.

SCDOT said in a letter back to Glover that they are unable to establish any liability and are denying the claim.

Of the three pothole claims on Michaux in the last ten years up to the last quarter, state records show only one has been paid.

The DOT told Live 5 News that the claims office is processing our request to learn how many claims have been paid and denied over the last few months.

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