Walterboro neighbors say community has become dangerous

Walterboro neighbors say community has become dangerous
Walterboro neighbors say community has become dangerous

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - One teenager is dead after a triple shooting in Walterboro Wednesday night.

The Colleton County Deputy Coroner reported 18-year old Erica Caldwell was shot to death.

The condition of the other two victims is not known at this time.

Rick Combs has lived on Savage Street for decades.

He lives across the street from the house where those three people were shot.

"We first moved here in 1975. It was so quiet you could barely hear a pin d rop," Combs said. "In the past year, there have been some events where people were hurt, injured, even killed."

Other neighbors agree that violence has been more prevalent recently.

"I bet you there's been, in this neighborhood alone, probably 15 people have been shot," Walterboro resident Clayton 'Dunkie' Crosby said.

He lives next door to the home where the three victims were shot.

Both Crosby and Combs said they were home when the gunfire rang out Wednesday night.

"I just heard sounds like gunshots," Combs said."I heard about 6-8 shots, which is nothing unusual. It's been going on two years at that house. They shot it with an AK. They've been involved in different things, they stole my car one time from all the drug action going on there. It's bad. Who wants to live by people that shoot every other month and people dying next door to them?"

"I saw some things in the past that didn't look positive," Combs added.

Combs said he believes if the neighborhood improved its communication, the result would be decreased violence in the area.

"If we would show each other love and respect, regardless of what your differences may be, we could come to a conclusion together, try to work together. I think it would eliminate a lot of these things," Combs said. "Life is already short enough as it is. We shouldn't be trying to hurt or wound one another, especially kill one another."

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call Walterboro Police Department at 843-549-1811.

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