Convicted killer paroled, moves back to Lowcountry

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - A convicted killer who served 35 years in prison is free and back in the Lowcountry.

57-year-old Kenneth Green was released from prison Friday after serving time for murdering 63-year-old Martin Cattles of James Island.

For almost 20 years, the Cattles family fought parole for Kenneth Green.

"I expected him to stay in prison until he died," Cattles' daughter Shirley Ward said Monday.

In 1982, after a day of hunting, Martin Cattles met Kenneth Green at a bar.

Cattles never got to go home.

"He shot my father six feet away with a double up buckshot to his face. Then he pushed him over and got his last 20 dollars," Ward said.

A few days later, family members found Cattles' body in a wooded area off Highway 61 in Dorchester County.

Green was caught, convicted of murder, and in 1983 sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.

The life without parole statute did not exist back then.

"I think if you take a life, you need to give your life. I've always thought that," the victim's son John Cattles said.

Two weeks ago the family learned Green was going to be paroled on March 30.

On Friday he was released from prison.

"It brings it back into our face when every time the parole is and now it's really in our face," Ward said.

We went to the home where Green is staying to try to get a comment from the convicted killer.

No one answered the door.

We also called the house phone number.

No one answered.

"Some sleazy person like that has no value for life, and to kill somebody for little or nothing, he don't deserve to live in my opinion. He should rot in jail," Cattles said.

Now Ward has a new concern.

"Knowing he can get out and retaliate," she said.

As part of his parole conditions, Green will be under house arrest for 30 days and on a GPS monitor for six months.

Green also has been ordered to stay away from Cattles' family and notify probation and parole if he wants to leave the state.

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