You Paid For It: Doggy Waste Bags

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston is a pretty pet-friendly city.

From dog parks to restaurants and even hotels, many spots allow man's best friend to tag along.

So what does is cost to keep a city clean with all those pups around?

The City of Charleston provides doggy waste bags in stations all over the city.

Signs on the receptacles say it's part of the "Keep Charleston Beautiful" campaign.

According to January spending reports, the city spent $5,775 on doggy waste bags from a company called Skyway.

Skyway bags cost about $60 for 200 rolled bags online.

Dispensers and stations range from $74 to $279.

It's not an every-month expense and depends on how many bags are used.

The last time the city purchased doggy waste bags was last October for $2,271.50.

We noticed another dog-related expense in the transparency spending reports, too. The city spent around $400 for dog food for the police K-9 unit.

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