Summervile Town Council debates $100,000 for snow plow, spray tanks

VIDEO: Summerville Town Council debates $100,000 for snow plow, spray tanks

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The town of Summerville is considering buying five snow plows and five salt trucks, that would total over $100,000.

According to the Summerville Finance Committee agenda, it would cost just over $61,000 for five snow plows and just over $41,000 for five spray tanks for snow and ice treatment. The agenda reads that the funds would come from the fund balance.

The Finance Committee voted Monday night to postpone the possibility of the purchase until July's meeting, giving the council more time to think about it.

"I just think that the snow is a safety issue. We had heavy snow. And I mean it could be a situation with life or death for some people," said Town Councilman Aaron Brown.

In Monday night's meeting, questions came up for how often the snow events occur that would justify the need for five plows.

"50 years, two events," said Town Councilman William McIntosh.

There were also questions raised for if the $100,000 could be better spent.

"Money doesn't go on trees at some point we're going to have to start cutting out stuff that would be probably nice to have and useful, prioritize things," said Walter Bailey. "First of all, do we really need five," said Kima Garten-Schmidt. "I'm thinking if it's the first time we're going to do something like this we need to reduce the amount, maybe two of them."

Brown said from a public safety standpoint, its something the town needs to do. "It's something we need to realize, that finally, we're getting some snow in South Carolina," said Brown. We need to be prepared in the lower part of South Carolina, it's just a matter of preparation. I don't think it's that much money if it saves lives."

For comparison, the city of Charleston is in the process of getting two snow plows but said when it comes to spray trucks that they coordinate with SCDOT, who makes the equipment available when they need it.

North Charleston does not have any plows or salt trucks.

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