Speed limit could change on major thoroughfare on James Island

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Pump the breaks.

Those who travel on a major thoroughfare on James Island could soon see lower speed limits.

Officials with multiple agencies have backed a proposal to make the speed limit from the James Island Connector to Folly Beach 35 miles per hour.

Lowering the speed, officials said, would make the roadway safer.

Folks who live on James Island said speeding on the roadway is an issue.

"They come from the beach and they just… vroom," Kayla Williams, a resident of James Island, said.

Williams said with the speed comes an increased risk of accidents – almost a new normal.

"A car was coming around the curve and the car in the median thought he could turn and beat the other car and they t-boned right there," Williams added.

Others, however, who live on the island say speed isn't the issue... distractions are to blame.

"They don't look at what they're doing – they're on the phone and they just run into people in the back – that's what I think," Gail McDowell, who lives on James Island, said.

Whatever the reason for the wrecks – officials are working to make Folly Road safer.

A reason they have endorsed lowering the speed limit to 35 miles per hour from the James Island connector to Folly Beach.

While some are worried the slower speed will cause more traffic, officials said a slower speed will actually improve efficiency.

The James Island Intergovernmental Council will draft their endorsement for the lower speed and send it to the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

SCDOT will ultimately make the decision whether to change the speed limit.

As of right now, no word on how long that could take.

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