Charleston City Council approves stricter short-term rental rules

CHARLESTON, SC - Charleston City Council has approved new stricter rules surrounding short-term rentals.

Council approved the ordinance with a vote of 11- 2 Tuesday night.

The new rules are designed to cut down the number of illegal short-term rentals. A short-term rental is defined as a home that is rented for under 30 days.

Under the ordinance, property owners who want to rent out their homes will have to get a permit from the city and list the permit when advertising a rental.

Other regulations under the ordinance include the following:

  • The person who owns the property must actually stay on the property overnight.
  • The home must have at least one off-street parking space.
  • Only four adults are allowed to stay at any one time.
  • Residents must stay overnight on the property when short-term rental guests are present.
  • There are more restrictions are properties that are in the historic district.
  • The rules go in effect in 90 days.
  • A violation of the rules is a misdemeanor crime

In the Old and Historic District, only homes in the National Historic Register would qualify for short-term rentals.

Homes on the peninsula outside the historic district must be built more than 50 years ago to qualify as a short-term rental property.

The last class includes the rest of the city, including neighborhoods above the Crosstown and homes in West Ashley, James, Johns and Daniel Islands.where there are no restrictions

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