Lowcountry cold case forum aims to heat up old cases

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Several Lowcountry law enforcement agencies are trying to put the fire back in decades-old cold cases.

A cold case forum held in Lincolnville on Tuesday evening allowed agencies from across the area to talk about several cold cases they've continued to work on.

This all in the hope that someone will come forward with new information.

"They're labeled cold cases, but a cold case is never cold," said Detective Barry Goldstein with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. "The detective will always be working it. He may or may not have leads that he may follow up on immediately, but if a person comes forward the detective will pick up the case and follow up on it."

The detectives working the cases can tell you who the victims are, where they worked, lived, and the last thing they did before they died, but can't tell you who killed them.

That's where the public comes in.

"Many times, after a period of time people change and decide to step forward," said Goldstein.

This is something Syrinia Singleton hopes for her family; her son Chico Rivers was murdered in 2002.

Police are still working to identify the person who killed him.

Singleton is confident that the detective working the case will eventually crack it.

"I got a lot of hope to think that as long as I can keep the communication open between the detective and myself, they'll listen," said Singleton. "I've had one cold case investigator that prayed with me so I think that as long as you keep the open communication between them and me, they won't' forget about my son. I won't forget about him."

Singleton said with awareness shining a spotlight on cold cases, she's confident someone will come forward soon.

"This case is going to be solved real soon, I got a lot of faith it's going to be real soon," she said.

If anyone knows anything about an unsolved case, whether it be big or small, they can be reported anonymously to Crime stoppers at 843-554-1111.

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