Neighbors fed up with condition of road in Berkeley County

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Neighbors in Goose Creek said they are fed up with the condition of Centennial Boulevard.

The street is a major road through the Crowfield Plantation area, and neighbors said it is traveled by many, not just those who live there.

"It's an extremely busy road," Barb Edwards, who lives in a neighborhood off of Centennial Boulevard, said.

William Davy, who also lives in the area, said the roadway is a major cut through for people coming from I-26 via College Park Road and Crowfield Boulevard and then they use Centennial Boulevard as a shortcut to Highway 176.

Many in the area say the roadway is in "absolutely unacceptable condition" and many added it's causing a wear and tear on vehicles.

"When I drove down it the other day, I was thinking either I needed new shocks or something because it was so horrible," Edwards said. "I was bouncing around and I looked at my grandson and he was bouncing out of his car seat a little bit. And I was like this road is horrible!"

Davy said he was told the road belongs to the Roads and Bridges Department of Berkeley County.

Davy received this response from the department's director, Daniel Thrower:

Mr. Davy, we are aware of the condition of Centennial Blvd. and it has been inspected by myself and the County Engineer. We will try to keep up with patching the potholes until a permanent fix can be determined. As you probably know, when the road was damaged by Grayson (Snow and Ice Storm on 01/03/18), we have already repaired a large section of the road. We are looking at options for resurfacing the road in the near future but also have other roads that fall in the same criteria that are in a worst condition.

Will try to keep you informed when we may be resurfacing the road.

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to email me or give me a call.

Thank you!

Neighbors added that the patchwork is uneven and almost making the roadway worse.

"You're still having to go through bumps either way," Edwards said. "Either it's a pothole or they patched it up too high, and you're going up and down on unlevel pavement. It's still bad on your tires and car."

After we inquired about neighbors' concerns, Berkeley County's Public Information Officer Hannah Moldenhauer provided us with this statement:

Improving and repairing roads remains a priority for Berkeley County leaders. The County is working on a permanent solution to repair, mill and resurface Centennial Boulevard, as well as other County roads damaged by winter storm Grayson. In the coming weeks, crews will mill and resurface the road. By doing the work in-house, and not hiring a contractor, there should be substantial cost savings and an improved timeline for these repairs.

In the meantime, the County roads and bridges department has been proactive at a temporary solution, patching the potholes along the road.

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