Family of elderly murder victim makes plea for an arrest

Source: BCSO
Source: BCSO

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The family of an elderly murder victim came forward Monday, pleading for an arrest.

Brenda Morgan says she found her husband, 78-year old Neville Morgan in an upstairs bedroom Thursday afternoon.

"I come home from work, I see blood through my house. I go upstairs and I found my husband in a puddle of blood, naked," Morgan said Monday.

"I'm asking him,'Honey, what happened to you? What happened in the name of Jesus, please tell me what happened to you?' He was fighting me like you know whoever did this to him was still on him," she said.

Neville Morgan died before he could tell anyone what happened.

Sheriff's investigators believe robbery was the motive.

"My husband was 78 years old. Why would you want to crush his head like that just for a wallet?" Morgan said.

Morgan's murder also is taking a toll on his other family members.

"I never thought my daddy would be murdered in his home. He was supposed to die of natural causes, not by murder," daughter Robyn Curry said.

Another one of Morgan's daughters drove 30 hours from Arizona after hearing about his death.

"It is the most tragic thing that anybody could go through, to have not only a father, your matriarch senselessly slaughtered," Jenna Bowen said.

"I know he was begging for mercy and grace, don't kill him and he crushed his head whoever did it," Morgan said.

A sheriff's deputy was at the house Monday to update the family on the investigation.

A spokesman told us they are following up on some leads.

The family is determined to get some answers.

"I want justice in the name of Jesus and I'm going to get it if I have to die trying," Morgan said. "Whoever you are in the name of Jesus, whoever you are, you better come forth, you better come forth."

Anyone with information on Neville Morgan's murder should call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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