Winthrop poll: SC approval rating for President Trump jumps up 4 percent

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - President Donald Trump's approval rating among South Carolina residents is stronger than it was two months ago , according to the latest Winthrop Poll results, which were released Wednesday.

Trump's approval rating now sits at 46 percent in the Palmetto State, four percentage points higher than it was in February. Congress has a 77 percent disapproval rating, according to the poll. Gov. Henry McMaster's approval rating remained steady at 46 percent. U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham had a 45 percent approval rating while junior Sen. Tim Scott held a 57 percent approval rating.

Residents also believe the most important issue facing the U.S. is immigration following by racism and politicians. This marks another change from the last poll in February when South Carolina citizens said gun control was the most important issue in wake of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting.

Respondents were also asked how accurately certain adjectives described Trump and had the following responses:

·         Honest: Of all respondents, 45% said that very or somewhat accurately describes Trump, 38% said the term was a very inaccurate description of Trump and 79% of Democratic identifiers said very inaccurate.

·         Capable: 58% of all respondents said that is very or somewhat accurate, 42% of Evangelicals (of all races) said that is very accurate, while 29% of all respondents said it was very inaccurate.

·         Christian: 48% of GOP identifiers said that was somewhat accurate, while 39% of all respondents said it was inaccurate and 77% of Democratic identifiers said it was very inaccurate.

·         Godly: 47% of all respondents said that is very inaccurate and 36% of Evangelicals said it was very inaccurate. Of the GOP identifiers, 39% said it was somewhat accurate.

·         Moral: 59% of all respondents said it was somewhat or very inaccurate, while 61% of GOP identifiers said it was either somewhat or very accurate.

·         Strong: 89% of GOP identifiers said that is somewhat or very accurate, while a fourth of all respondents said it was very inaccurate.

·         Stands up for people like me: 43% of GOP identifiers and 42% of White Evangelicals said this statement is very accurate. Half of all respondents said it was somewhat or very inaccurate.

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