Live 5 Investigates: CCSD $60,000 mystery check

Live 5 Investigates: CCSD $60,000 mystery check

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District says it can't release details about a $60,000 check it wrote because of a non-disclosure agreement they signed.

CCSD paid $60,000 to someone on Feb. 15 of this year.

We first noticed it listed as a "litigation/settlement" payout on the school's check register.

The name of the person who got the money was blacked out.

CCSD's attorneys said they could only provide one redacted page of the ten page settlement. They could not describe or generalize what the original complaint or allegations were.

The one page of the settlement that was provided references rights under ADEA, the Age Discrimination Employment Act, and the Older Works Protection Act.

The bottom of the page spells out part of an agreement that the parties won't publicize anything about the settlement.

That means taxpayers will never know who the check was written to or what happened that ended with the $60,000 settlement.

The school district's attorneys said the agreement and such settlements are a routine matter.

Last month, Live 5 requested a list of all settlements the district has issued over the last five years.

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