Report: Fugitive cuts down trees at Ladson neighborhood to camouflage stolen school bus

Report: Fugitive cuts down trees at Ladson neighborhood to camouflage stolen school bus
Generic (Source: Pixabay)
Woltz and stolen school bus. (Source: BCSO)
Woltz and stolen school bus. (Source: BCSO)
The bus that was reported stolen (Source: Little People Big World Academy)
The bus that was reported stolen (Source: Little People Big World Academy)

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - A fugitive cut down trees in a Ladson neighborhood in a plan to camouflage a school bus he stole from a local daycare center, according to investigators.

Berkeley County deputies arrested Bryan Taylor Woltz on Thursday afternoon at an address off Marvel Oak Circle. Woltz was found with a bus that was stolen earlier this week from the Little People Big World Academy on Treeland Drive in Ladson.

Deputies say Woltz had "a lot of blue spray paint cans" and meth. A picture taken by deputies shows Woltz along with the once white school bus painted blue.

A newly released sheriff's office report details the incident on how Woltz was found and his attempts to hide the school bus.

Woltz's arrest stems from an investigation Thursday evening when a deputy was conducting a traffic stop, and a citizen stopped and told the deputy that he believed that a stolen bus was in the woods behind his home on Marvel Oak Circle.

After searching the woods for about an hour, deputies found a blue and white bus that was backed into heavy brush off of a small trail.

As deputies approached, they heard someone moving inside, identified themselves as law enforcement and began shouting commands for the person to show his hands.

Deputies say they were able to get the doors to the bus opened, and detained the suspect after a brief struggle.

Investigators ran the vehicle's identification number and confirmed that it was the bus stolen from the Little People Big World Academy.

The suspect, identified as Woltz, told deputies that he had been staying in the bus for two days and that he backed into the woods in an attempt to conceal it.

"Woltz said that the vehicle's ignition had been punched and that he was in the process of painting the bus a different color," BCSO officials said.

Blue paint was found all over Woltz and his belongings.

"Ever wonder what your brain does on drugs? One possibility is that it makes you like really blue paint," BCSO officials said in a social media statement.

Deputies also reported that Woltz had cut down trees and placed them in front of the bus in an attempt to further conceal it.

Woltz was also found to have outstanding warrants out of Dorchester County for second-degree burglary.

He was locked up at the Hill Finklea Detention Center.

Daycare reports stolen school bus 

On Tuesday morning, a school employee told a deputy that when she arrived at work she realized the bus was gone.

Little People Big World Academy has been at the location in Ladson for eight years with their daycare bus for four years.

Employees said without the bus, staff would not be able to house dozens of kids for the upcoming daycare summer camp.

The school staff and parents helped this week to spread the word using social media.

"We have close to 900 shares and it's reached more than 23,000 individuals," said owner and director Fanondra Johnson earlier this week."My goal is, I don't know where the bus is or what's been done to it, but somebody could have seen something of those 23,000 people. Just bring our bus back."

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