Summerville residents complain of weeks without trash pickup from Waste Pro

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville residents are speaking out about problems they are having with trash and recycling service Waste Pro once again.

For several months, the town's residents have filed numerous complaints about Waste Pro.

"Ever since they made a decision in Summerville to not use them as their carrier, we've been having problems with our trash being picked up," Summerville resident Gwendolyn Rodgers said.

Complaints range from trash not being picked up on time, recyclables not being properly sorted and trash pickup being completely ignored.

Rodgers said her trash hasn't been picked up on time for several weeks.

"Waste Pro has not picked up our trash and this is going on week number two," Rodgers said.

A statement was published on the Town of Summerville's verified Twitter account on Thursday addressing people's recent concerns.

"Waste collection in Summerville is behind by multiple days, depending on the area," the statement reads. "The Town of Summerville staff and elected leaders have been monitoring this closely with frequent communications between the Town and Waste Pro."

The statement also said Waste Pro leaders said in a meeting on April 18 that "additional resources are being made over the next several days" to try to catch up on the delays of trash pickup.

Collin Martin, the Town Administrator for Summerville, said over the phone on Friday that a new report from Waste Pro indicated the company is fully staffed for trash pickup Friday morning.

The report also said Waste Pro plans to be caught up with trash pickup by April 23.

"They anticipate with the additional trucks on Sunday to be back up and on schedule Monday and Tuesday," Summerville Town Administrator Colin Martin said.

Summerville Town Council voted on March 29 to sever ties with Waste Pro and sign a contract with a new waste management company, Carolina Waste.

Carolina Waste is scheduled to take over on Aug. 1.

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