Suit settled in alleged frat party sexual assault

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A lawsuit over an alleged sexual assault at the College of Charleston in 2016 is over.

A former College of Charleston student who claimed she was sexually assaulted at a fraternity bid party hosted by the college's chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity is settling her suit with the fraternity and d ropping her case against the college.

The victim filed suit in 2016, contending two fraternity members led her into a bedroom, locked the door and forced her to take illegal drugs and perform sex acts on one, while the other took pictures and video.

The fraternity was suspended from the college.

Her attorney, Nate Hughey said, "I am only permitted to say that the dispute was resolved to the parties' mutual satisfaction."

Jonathan Pierce, a past International President of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and the fraternity's media spokesperson, said in an email, "I can not(sic) provide you with any details of the agreement as the terms are confidential, as set forth in the agreement."

When asked if the fraternity's chapter remained closed, and if there were plans to re-establish a presence on the College of Charleston campus, Pierce continued in the email, "There is not currently an active chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi at the College of Charleston but we hope that someday in the future there will be a group of young men looking for a Jewish fraternal experience – based in our values and willing to follow our guidelines and that we will return to campus."

He continued by saying there was no timeline for that.

The young woman filed the case in Charleston County using her own name, not Jane Doe.

She was a minor under the age of 18 and a freshman at the College of Charleston at the time of the incident, according to the court document filed in Charleston County.

Her attorney had requested a jury trial.  She is no longer at student at the College of Charleston, returning to her home state, according to her attorney.

Court documents filed on April 6, 2018 show her case against the College of Charleston and the Board of Trustees was dismissed.

We are continuing to follow this story, and have sent inquiries to the local prosecutor's office, the office of the Attorney General of South Carolina, and the College of Charleston.

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