Community welcomes new basketball court in Moncks Corner

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - The Moncks Corner community is hoping to inspire its youth with a new basketball court.

They're taking the game of basketball and using it to change lives.

"God, we pray that through this souls will be saved," a reverend said during the dedication prayer. "In Jesus name, Amen."

"A young man about 13 years old asked me, he heard about me building other parks and playgrounds- this is number five, he asked when are you going to help us?" Willie "Chuck" Powell explained. "I wanted to bring love, peace, and happiness with one another."

After seven months, the basketball court is open to the public.

Powell's cousin, Theodore "Charlie" Reid, donated the land on Cane Gully Road off Highway 402.

"It's my community and I wanted to help out the young kids," Reid said when asked about his generous donation. "Get them inspired to do things and stay off the streets."

A big, bright sign welcomes you to the new court saying "love is number one, bury your hate."

"We need something like this that inspires somebody to do the right thing," Powell said. "Love conquers everything so I had to put that in there and hope that love will calm and soothe the beast."

Brandon Williamson was on the court today. He said he plans to play as much as he can.

"I just like hanging out with my friends playing basketball," Williamson said.  "I like it because it makes me challenged. The coolest part is that I can shoot over the big kids now."

The lines may be painted on the court but Powell said the project is far from finished.

"It's going to get better because we have a lot more to do."

The community plans to rally together to add water fountains and restrooms to the project.

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