Homeowner fed up after four car break-ins

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - A homeowner is fed up after someone broke into their cars four different times.

Beth Stone, and her husband Mark, live off Miller Drive in Ladson and say the incidents started around Christmas time.

This has been a source of aggravation for me since December," Beth said.

The first time the suspect hit their house, Beth explained, her husband's truck was parked in the carport behind their gate.

"He broke the windows in because the truck was locked," Beth said. "He ransacked the truck and took a radar detector, a GPS, a handgun and several other small articles."

The second time, Mark had the truck parked under the carport and another gun in a gun box, Beth said.

She explained the criminal could not get the gun out of the gun box.

That time, Beth said, the criminal took Mark's grandfather's pocket knife that he had inherited.

"The third time, we were refinishing a trailer and my husband's truck was not in the garage," she said."It was behind the house. He walked into the back gate, walked around the truck, broke into my husband's truck again and was able to break into the gun safe and take another handgun."

The most recent time was early Sunday morning. Beth said they were in bed when their security cameras alerted them that someone there.

She said when Mark went outside, he saw the suspect running away.

That time nothing was taken.

"Slowly but surely we have ramped up our home security – short of electrifying the fence," Beth said.

They have added security cameras, alert systems and more.

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies have been given all of the video.

At this point in time, deputies have not identified a suspect yet.

"Detectives are actively investigating this case and forensics investigators are examining fingerprints," detectives with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office said. "The subject in the video is not identifiable, and the footage is not of usable quality."

The suspect is described as being 18-25 years old, about 6' tall and between 160 and 170 pounds.

"He is covered up," Beth said. "He has a hoodie. The first three times he had the same sneakers on. Now he's wearing different ones. But it is the same criminal who's doing it by the way he walks and operates – we can tell that he is the same person."

Beth believed the suspect is coming from one area in particular.

"There are three neighborhoods in close proximity… Heaton Place, Ridgewood Estates and Woodside Manor," she said."Woodside Manor does not have break-ins to their vehicles. Heaton Place and Ridgewood Estates, where we are now, do."

Beth said she was told there have been at least 16 break-ins and added the video showed the suspect running in the direction of Woodside Manor.

If you have any information regarding these incidents or the suspect, please contact Det. Jason Collins at 843-554-2237, the Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch Center at 843-202-1700 or the Charleston County Detective Unit at 843-554-2475.

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