You Paid For It: Top School Salaries

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - School leaders set the bar for thousands of local students in public education.

The superintendent in each district is the top of the command chain and usually has the top salary.

However, that data is from 2008.

All of our local superintendents are paid at least that average except for one.

Local school districts' superintendent salaries were all more than $100,000.

Only one of the seven currently makes more than $200,000.

Superintendent Salaries

Charleston / Dr. Gerrita Postlewait: $228,260

Berkeley / Dr. Eddie Ingram: $205,000

DD2 / Joseph Pye: $182,603

Georgetown / Dr. H. Randall Dozier: $162,583

Colleton / Dr. Franklin Foster: $132,600

DD4 / Dr. Morriss Ravenell: $110,000

Williamsburg / Carrie Brock (terminated): $127,500

Williamsburg / Dr. Rose Wilder (interim): $150,000

Most of these superintendents have doctorate level degrees and decades of experience.

We reviewed their contracts in detail. They are required to have annual school board evaluations.

Most have items like cell phone, laptops and I-pads written into their contracts.

In Charleston and Berkeley counties, the superintendents are required to have an annual medical exam to prove they can physically handle the big job.

Dr. Postlewait gets $1,000 a month for in-district travel. Dr. Foster in Colleton County receives an annual $7,000 for in-district travel. DD2 offers a $1,000 per month expense account for Dr. Pye in addition to a $900 per month automobile allowance.

Berkeley County's Dr. Ingram is eligible for a potential 4% raise annually.

Dr. Rose Wilder was appointed to serve as interim district superintendent, and will be paid $22,500 more than terminated Superintendent Carrie Brock was.

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