Charleston City Council says no to more annexation, looks to W. Ashley traffic issues

. - The City of Charleston voted down the chance for more apartments to move into West Ashley.

The land that councilmembers talked about annexing is right off Bee's Ferry Road by Bolton's Landing, a part of town that sees a lot of traffic during rush hour.

The land is zoned to be in Charleston County, but developers wanted it to be zoned as part of the city.

Charleston Councilman Marvin Wagner said with the land being annexed in the city and not the county, it would allow more apartments to have more residential units per acre.

Councilmembers voted 12-1 to deny the annexation, many members talking about the issue of traffic.

"My commute home from just Glenn McConnell to Bees Ferry is literally 25 to 30 minutes. It's pretty rough considering it's only a mile and a half, two miles to my house," said West Ashley resident Mike Miller.

The issue of traffic and getting to and from anywhere in this part of town is why one Charleston city councilman voted down an opportunity for more apartments to possibly go up, saying the developers should be looking beyond putting up housing.

"Don't come to us with ideas of large scale apartments, we need businesses because we need to protect our identity," said City of Charleston Councilmember Harry Griffin.

City of Charleston Councilmember Marvin Wagner voted to rezone the area into the city, the area lies within his district.

Wagner also said it led to a better discussion, and he knew how the votes would lie.

Councilmembers said tonight was a stand firm against anyone who wants to zone within the city to build more housing in saturated areas.

"We don't usually say no," said Griffin. "For far too long we've said yes, yes, yes and we really go above and beyond to help people become part of the city."

For Mike Miller, who lives in West Ashley, he said he has seen housing and traffic issues first hand.

"The traffic is the absolute worst thing I've ever had to deal with out here and that's why I'm moving. May 1, I'm out of here," he said.

Developers will now have to go through Charleston County Council.

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