Brothers, family dog escape fire that destroyed Summerville home

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Two brothers and a family dog escaped a fire that destroyed their home in Summerville Wednesday afternoon.

The day after the fire, the house on Delafield Drive was still standing, but the damage had been done.

A family of four was left homeless.

Summerville Fire Chief Richard Waring said it appears the fire started on the second floor porch.

Jesse Banks lives right down the street from the fire

"Looking at it now, I'm blown away that it's even still somewhat there," Banks said.

Banks was home when it broke out a little after 5 p.m.

"I was upstairs cleaning, my wife was like,'Fire, fire, there's something going on.' Normally you would say she's joking but I heard it in her voice and the way she said it," Banks said.

The homeowner said he and his wife were not home when the fire broke out, but his two sons were.

He said a neighbor either smelled or saw the smoke, ran up to the front door and banged on it. He said the two boys ran outside then one of them went back inside to get the dog.

All of them got out alive.

The fire also caused some damage to two other houses. The heat melted siding on the sides of the homes.

"They looked boiled," Banks said.

The homeowner said the neighborhood rallied to help his family, giving them cash, gift cards and other items.

He plans to rebuild.

"Hopefully, they'll be able to get through this and look back and life goes on and they'll be happy again," Banks said.

Chief Waring said the cause of the fire is unknown.

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