Business owner upset over sex novelty shop opening in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville business owner is upset after learning a sex novelty shop will be opening right across from her art studio.

Badd Kitty is hoping to open in May in a shopping center in the 600 block of Old Trolley Road, according to regional manager Jill Bush.

Mellinie Milone owns Fire and Ice Art Studio in the same shopping center.

"I was shocked, I was really shocked and kind of appalled," Milone said Friday.

When Milone learned the sex novelty shop was coming she took to Facebook to spread the word.

"I got a lot of flack for that but I was just trying to bring that awareness to the people of our community that this is what's going in here and maybe get some discourse about that," she said.

Milone believes Badd Kitty doesn't belong in the shopping center because most of the businesses cater to kids.

Besides her art studio, there's a music center, a ballet studio and a church youth group.

"I don't think that type of business should be right there where so many children are," Milone said.

Summerville town Administrator Colin Martin said Badd Kitty can legally be there because it won't sell pornographic videos or magazines, just lingerie and toys.

Badd Kitty regional director Jill Bush said it will be a classy store, selling classy lingerie and promoting healthy sexual wellness.

Milone says she and the other business owners are worried Badd Kitty will drive customers away, but she's not leaving.

"I'm in a five year lease here and I'm not like I can just up and move," she said.

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