WATCH: Walterboro Police officer dances at weekend Rice Festival

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - The Walterboro Police Officer caught on camera dancing to the song "Happy" says his phone has been ringing nonstop since the video went viral on Facebook Monday morning.

The officer, Cody Pruitt, said he knew people had their phones out and were recording, but didn't imagine the video would get the reaction it has.

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"My intentions were simple, to show the people of the great community I work for that, their officers are down to earth people that they can trust and have a working relationship with," Pruitt said. "I love my community and the people of Walterboro are amazing and I was just Happy to be at work."

Pruitt, it turns out, was named the Walterboro Police Department's Officer of the Year in 2017, according to Cpl. Amye Stivender.

"Officer Pruitt was chosen as our Officer of the Year last year due to his positive attitude and enthusiastic work ethic," Walterboro Police Chief Wade Marvin said. "He is a strong leader in our department and is currently one of our Field Training Officers. He is an excellent example of the type of officer our department strives to employ and he continues to leave a positive impact on our citizens."

Christina Cook posted the video at the Walterboro Rice Festival last weekend. She says she was there with her children when her 11-year-old daughter Nora noticed the officer and asked her to record it.

Watch the full video here:

Walterboro, SC Rice Festival 2018 Not sure who this officer was but he was surely having a good time!! 😂 *update* the officers name is William Cody Pruitt The video was also on the news this morning, and here is what they typed up! Live 5 news has also written a story And now channel 2

Posted by Christina Marie on Saturday, April 28, 2018

The video starts as some harmless toe-tapping before turning into full-blown hopping and shaking. He even tries to get some fellow officers to join him.

"Although I couldn't convince the other Officers in the video to dance with me, I don't think any of the other officers expected anything less from me," Pruitt said. "I typically come to work with a smile or come out my car dancing and singing, (although the voice isn't that great), so I don't think they were surprised to see me dancing."

Pruitt said he thinks his fellow officers enjoy watching him dance just as much as the community has.

"I think it showcases his light and carefree personality," Marvin said of him. "Our officers were working long days this weekend at the Rice Festival but this video showed an officer who was just happy to be working and interacting with the community. He enjoys making people laugh but can also handle his duties when necessary."

Pruitt says he has received nothing but support from the community since the video was posted.

"After the dance, people were more comfortable walking up to me and having a conversation," he said. "If my dancing can open up the communication between the community and officers I would gladly dance every day."

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